Davín Castle Walk

In Bratislava one is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from some stunning nature trails!! The other weekend we ventured out to discover one of the many walks and hikes to be done around the city. The first outing took us to Devín Castle, just a fifteen minute bus ride outside of Bratislava.



The small watchtower, seemingly not much bigger than a chess piece. It is known as the Maiden Tower. Separated from the main castle, it balances on a lone rock and has inspired countless legends concerning imprisoned lovelorn daughters leaping to their deaths.



Devín Castle overlooks river Danube and one has a marvelous view over the border to Austria. It is first mentioned in sources dating back to 864, when Louis the German besieged Prince Rastislav in one of the frequent wars between the Franks (confederation of Germanic tribes) and (the Slavic Empire of) Great Moravia.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the castle fortress wad destroyed by Napoleon Bonapartes retreating army  after the siege of Pressburg (Bratislava). Since that day only the ruins remain.

Prior to 1989, the Iron Curtain between the Eastern Block and the West ran just in front of the castle. Although the castle was open to the public, the area surrounding it constituted a restricted military zone, and was heavily fortified with watchtowers and barbed wire. After the Velvet Revolution the area was demilitarised.

We took a walk, or one could also call it a mild hike, along the Sandberg opposite Devín Castle. We were treated with stunning views, and this is something I recommend everyone to do on a saturday or sunday afternoon! (Try being on top for  the sunset, worth it!!)









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